When you tell an artist you love their work what you’re saying is, “I have seen the way the world has touched you and it made me softer.

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is, “how did you get into the art and styling of makeup?”. The truth is, I’ve always been drawn to beauty ever since I was a little girl. I love everything that is beautiful, not just a pretty face. This is one of my favorite inspirational quotes to live by, “At my worst, I create my best and make it beautiful again.” -B

I’ve been able to cope with hardships in my life from childhood throughout being an adult, by learning how to make things beautiful no matter how hard the struggle. The ability to bring beauty to everything dark in the world has been a fulfilling experience. One I want to share with the world.

From an early age, I realized my love for art and beauty through makeup and styling. Being able to have people recognize the beauty in themselves that they didn’t know was there, has had a truly lasting effect on myself and my clients. The work I do allows people to escape reality often for the first time by sitting in my chair, turning off the world, then looking in the mirror to reveal the beautiful person they didn’t even know existed. The end result, every time, has reinforced the notion that this is my calling and place in the world. The celebration and discovery of beauty in this world through makeup, styling, and photography continues to drive and motivate me to fulfill this mission and purpose in life.

This is my story and how I became a makeup artist. 

  • Graduated from Aveda School
  • Mac Cosmetics - 4 years
  • Wedding Industry - 8 years
  • Boudoir/Photography - 6 years
  • Previous owner of HeadRush Salon for 5 years
  • ESPN Contract Work